Yoga Classes and Yoga Training in Kolkata

Yoga Classes and Yoga Training in Kolkata

Yoga as a form of exercising undoubtedly increases fitness. Practising it consistently over a long period, helps improve flexibility, helps cure aches and pains. Muscles gain strength too. Yoga based breathing exercises help pump more improve lung capacity and breathing that enables better oxygen flow and immunity to help fight diseases. Yoga helps reduce mental stress related to lifestyle and challenges.

Which age group do you fall in ?

12-19 years. 20-25 years. 26-32 years. 33-40 years. 40+ years

Which is your preferred medium of training ?

Online or in person training at home (in Kolkata only). Contact YOUR FITSPIRATION team for Yoga Classes and Yoga Training in Kolkata.

In these challenging times of the pandemic, it is always important to improve one’s fitness and immunity. Yoga is one of the age-old exercise form that has helped millions improve fitness and immunity. Yoga is good for maintaining your mental health as well. Meditation helps improve mental peace which will play a key role in keeping good health.

How can YOUR FITSPIRATION team help you?

We offer the opportunity to get trained by experienced and certified trainers online or in person at your location (in Kolkata only).

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